Monday, November 17, 2008

Embed LoopTube playlist to your blog

After you created your playlist on LoopTube to share great YouTube videos with others, you can now not only share the playlist URL but also embed the playlist to your blog!

There are two types of playlist widget available. Besides the wide type widget (as above) we provide the thin type widget as well:

(I have to say that this playlist is really awesome! I love it so much! Thanks Guest!)

To get the embed code for the playlist, just click "Embed the playlist" on the playlist page:

After you reach the Embed Playlist Widget page, just choose your desired widget type and there the embed code is!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Create your own playlists on LoopTube

Do you want to share your favorite YouTube videos to your friends, but confused because lots of YouTube URLs have to paste? You can simply share the videos using one LoopTube playlist URL!

You can create the playlist from the scratch, by adding YouTube video URLs and your previosuly highlighted videos. Alternatively, you can build playlist from your highlighted videos in one mouse click.

Again, you don't have to login your Google account to use this feature. However, if you wish to edit your playlist in the future, you should login to save the playlist in "My playlists".

Highlight your favorite videos in LoopTube

What if you like the videos looping in LoopTube? You can highlight them and make it playing in the LoopTube highlight channel, or make them to a playlist which can be shared to your friends! This feature doesn't require you to login using Google account.

To highlight a video, simply click "Add to highlight videos" in the Looptube video loop page. The video will then be added to the "Highlight videos" sidebar instantly.

You can play your highlight videos in "My highlight videos" LoopTube channel. Moreover, you can create the playlist using your highlight videos and share the playlist with others.

Watch latest music videos on LoopTube Channel

Looptube Channel is a new feature for music video enthusiasts. It brings the YouTube music videos of selected track from DJ. Currently we provide three channels:
  • British Fashion: British Rock Style
  • Alternative Cafe: Alternative Tracks
  • Nobel: Modern Rock

The channel is unusual from the traditional television MTV channels. In the LoopTube channel, the videos will be fetched from the website, sometimes in surprising random for different users. Furthurmore, if you don't like the currently playing video, you can simply click "Play another video!" button.

If you like the videos, you can highlight them to add them to your playlists later, or just click "Loop this video" to play the currently playing video in repeats.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Share your recently looped videos by adding widget to your blog

This widget powered by LoopTube can let you share your recently looped videos to your blog visitors.

To use this feature, you must login LoopTube using your Google account. When logged-in, LoopTube will record your usage whenever you loop videos. You can access your recently looped videos from the website sidebar, Moreover, you can add the widget containing your recently looped videos to share with your blog visitors.

To add the widget to your blog, simply click "Add this widget to your blog" on the widget. Copy the embed code in the input text box and paste the code to your blog.

If you wish us to record your usage for widget, we suggest you to use the "Check login first" quick link to loop YouTube videos. This newly added link is provided at the Quick Link widget.

Two simple ways to loop your YouTube video

You can loop YouTube videos using LoopTube in two simple ways:

Method 1:

Method 2:

First Post for LoopTube Development Blog

LoopTube ( is a web service for looping YouTube videos, but not only for just looping videos.
We are going to offer more exciting new features for YouTube lovers, so please check back often!