Sunday, November 2, 2008

Share your recently looped videos by adding widget to your blog

This widget powered by LoopTube can let you share your recently looped videos to your blog visitors.

To use this feature, you must login LoopTube using your Google account. When logged-in, LoopTube will record your usage whenever you loop videos. You can access your recently looped videos from the website sidebar, Moreover, you can add the widget containing your recently looped videos to share with your blog visitors.

To add the widget to your blog, simply click "Add this widget to your blog" on the widget. Copy the embed code in the input text box and paste the code to your blog.

If you wish us to record your usage for widget, we suggest you to use the "Check login first" quick link to loop YouTube videos. This newly added link is provided at the Quick Link widget.

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